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Re-exam: Check your registration status

Written: 02.10.2020 11:34 Written By: Noemi Passing

Dear students,

the re-exam will take place in four weeks (October 29). By default, everyone who registered for the original re-exam date in March is registered for the new re-exam date as well. Please check your registration status in the LSF: Make sure to register if you want to take the exam but did not register for the original re-exam date in March. Make sure to deregister if you do not want to take the re-exam but registered for the original re-exam date. You can (de-)register until October 22. Note that you will find the re-exam registration in the LSF in the summer semester 2020 instead of the winter semester 2019/2020 due to technical problems. As soon as the grades are entered, the re-exam will be transferred back to the winter semester.

Your Verification Team

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