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Individual Talks — Schedule

Written: 23.08.2019 10:08 Written By: Maximilian Schwenger

Dear Students,

here is the schedule for the individual talks starting September 03.

Exact Analyses — Morning

Analysis of Hybrid Systems — An Ounce of Realism Can Save an Infinity of States
STL Model Checking of Continuous and Hybrid Systems

Exact Analyses — Afternoon 

Towards Model Checking of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators
Numerical Verification of Affine Systems with up to a Billion Dimensions

Predictive Approximations 

Simulation-equivalent Reachability of Large Linear Systems with Inputs
Flowpipe Approximation and Clustering in Space-time
Real-time Trajectory Generation for Differentially Flat Systems

Runtime Monitoring — Morning

Efficient Monitoring of Safety Properties
ModelPlex: Verified Runtime Validation of Verified Cyber-physical System Models

Runtime Monitoring — Afternoon 

Monitoring Temporal Properties of Continuous Signals
Combining Model-Checking and Runtime Verification for Safe Robotics

Synthesis & Planning 

Formal Synthesis of Stabilizing Controllers for Switched Systems
Maneuver-based Motion Planning for no-linear Systems with Symmetries
Antlab: A Multi Robot Task Server

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