Hybrid Systems Bernd Finkbeiner

Important Dates

Early Bird Registration: 10.04.2019
Over the centralized seminar registration page.

Early Bird Notification: 12.04.2019
You will be notified whether you can participate in the seminar as a result of the early bird registration

End of Term Registration: 15.07 - 08.08.2019
Contact Maximilian Schwenger and include you name, matriculation number, field and term of study and a few word of motivation.

End of Term Notification: 09.08.2019
You will be notified whether you can participate in the seminar. Does not apply students registering over the centralized seminar registration in April.

Kick-Off Meeting: 12.08.2019, 10am c.t.
In this meeting, we will introduce the modalities of the seminar and briefly outline the topics we will cover.

Paper Preferences: 12.08.2019, 11:59pm 

Paper Notification: 13.08.2019, 10am

Reading Group Meetings: 20.08 - 23.08, 10am c.t.

Individual Talks: 03.09 - 06.09, 10am c.t.

Summary (Soft Deadline): 13.09.2019
Participants submitting before the soft deadline will receive valuable feedback on their summary before the hard deadline. 

Summary (Hard Deadline): 20.09.2019

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