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Final Inspection: Schedule

Written: 20.07.2018 08:42 Written By: Maximilian Schwenger

Dear students,

The inspection will take place in SR 1.06 where we will flash the robots with the hex files you uploaded to the rCMS. Regardless, prepare at least one laptop to flash the latest version of your code to the robots.
You can find the schedule below, please be there 5 minutes early.

8:30 Zumo Ringers
8:45 Group 42
9:00 SRS
9:45 CherryPi
10:00 Honolunic
10:15 Sanny&Clyde
11:00 Fast&Curious
11:15 Team Rocket
11:45 SS&S Systems
12:00 Kevin&Jacqueline
12:15 Carnivore Blasters
12:30 D.A.L.E.K.
14:00 MAGC
14:15 Sköll
14:30 /|\(;,;)/|\
15:15 0x415454
15:30 Team Schwifty
16:00 Improved Potato
16:15 Team Schmüde
16:30 Photon Fighters


See you there,
Your Embedded Systems Team

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