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Final Inspection

Written: 18.07.2018 13:59 Written By: Maximilian Schwenger

Dear students,

a couple of updates and reminders:

  • We updated the referee: the position tracking is now significantly more accurate and stable than before. This should fix some out-of-bounds issues where robots were disqualified for moving too much despite standing perfectly still.
  • Please do not forget to fill in your preferences in the doodle! (Link)
  • You have to upload five artifacts for the final inspection until July 23, 8am: Your source code as .zip, and four compiled .hex files, two for each robot. Use id 24 and 26 for the Scout files and id 25 and 27 for the Collector.
    The respective hardware addresses are:

      24: 0xc2356069e9
      25: 0xb7a56873cd
      26: 0x5f9c4ab08c
      27: 0x670671cd97

    Hex files can be generated by using the `collector.hex` / `scout.hex` targets in CLion or `make collector.hex` / `make scout.hex` in your terminal.

Good luck for the final inspection,
Your Embedded Systems Team

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