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Written: 05.07.2018 10:17 Written By: Maximilian Schwenger

Dear students,

we uploaded a sample project in the rCMS under Materials → D - Milestones → RF Example Code.

In this project, you can find code for both robots: The Scout regularly samples its photo sensors and transmits the resulting values to the collector.

If your RF communication already works, we recommend to have a look at the project, but continue working with your own implementation. Otherwise, you can either compare your code against our project to find bugs, or re-implement your controllers on top of the reference project.

Please note, however, that the project behaves similar to a library you can find online and thus comes with similar pitfalls w.r.t. timing constraints.
Further, the controller code was designed for demonstration purposes and is thus not optimized for quick communication.

your Embedded Systems Team

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