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Dev Cable and Referee

Written: 24.06.2018 20:37 Written By: Maximilian Schwenger

Dear students,

there were repeated reports of defunct dev cables with ripped off contacts. 

Please keep in mind what we initially said when distributing the hardware:
The cables are self-made and not as robust as off-the-shelf cables.
Do not pull on the cable to remove them, but grab the USB connector. This way, the contacts remain intact. 
Since there is only a limited supply of replacement cables, we strongly encourage you to be gentle with the cables for your own sakes.

Moreover, the referee is currently unreachable.
Unfortunately, neither the cause, nor the fix is in our hands. We will take care of the problem asap.

Please do not send http requests to any address but "" and do not add queries or fragments to the url.
This might be deemed suspicious behavior resulting in the network monitor blocking requests to the referee altogether.

In any case, we already took precautions: You can use your Relay Scout to continue developing.



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