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Group and Discussion Session Assignments

Written: 17.10.2018 14:14 Written By: Felix Klein

Dear Students,

we finished your overall assigments to the discussion slots on Friday. Fortunately, we had ben able to respect all your chosen preferences regarding times and groups.

You can find your assigned discussion session slot on your personal page in rcms. Everybody who requested to be in the same group should have been assigned the same "Tutorial" number. Note that your group will be identified by this number from now on. If there had been any choices that cause problems for you or your group, please contact us as soon as possible.

We then will meet at the discussion sessions on Friday. They are placed in the office rooms of the Reactive Systems chair in E1 1, first floor. The exact room will be determined by an information sheet that will appear at the entrance to the chair on Friday morning.

Until then, we wish eveybody a lot of fun with the warm-up questions.

We see each other on Friday,

the Automata, Games, and Verification Team

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